...................................................     About Us

Boat Service of Galveston was formed by Clifford Acosta and James R Schroeder in the early fifties by working a 50 foot wooden vessel named the Texas Star just transporting personnel and supplies to ships on the Texas coast.

They later purchased the Coastwise Pilots INC. which came with two more wooden vessels named the Coastwise I and the Wiskers.

In the late fifties Boat Service built it's first steel boats named the Buccaneer and the Jolly Rodger which were the first vessels to work in the oil field.

Through the years many aluminum boats in and out of service, such as the Thunder Chief, Native Dancer, and the Big Squal.

We now operate with a four vessel fleet of aluminum crew boats which we try to meet everybody's needs.
We have 105 ft Big Thunder which was built in 1982, 135 ft Trisha Kay built in 1992, 150 ft Miss Adrienne built in 2001, and 150 ft Miss Monica built in 2003. Boat Service also has plans for a 170 ft vessel in the making.

Through the years we have concentrated on keeping great personnel relationships with our clients, our employees, and keeping the best and cleanest looking vessels in the gulf.